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Reversal of Alzheimer's Disease with Herbal Pouch: Cases Report

Clinical symptoms of Alzheimer's disease :
progressive memory impairment, cognitive dysfunction, incoherent, easily get lost, and may be accompanied with frequent urination, incontinence, mood or personality abnormalities, severely affect the quality of life. It is extremely destructive for any family.

The incidence rate of elderly people over 65 years old is 6.6 -15.8%, and there are nearly 10 million diagnosed patients in China! It is also a worldwide problem!

Alzheimer's disease is defined as irreversible brain neuro-degenerative diseases, and most people accept this condition is incurable. Sadly, there is no reliable treatment for this disease.

But, have you considered Traditional Chinese medicine?

The etiology and pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease from point of view of Chinese medicine?


The relationship of the brain with the liver and kidney:

The brain's nutrition comes from the kidney essence, while the kidney essence comes from the liver. The kidney is the gateway to manage the entry and release of kidney essence, the decline of liver function, or/and the excessive release of the kidney essence, will inevitably lead to reduction of the nutrition for the brain, thus the brain can not be adequately nourished , so brain atrophy, brain function gradually declines.

"Recording" is the process of storing information, and "recalling" is the process of extracting information, both are done by the brain. Forgetfulness is a memory difficulty and the first observed sign of Alzheimer's disease. If left alone, the memory will gradually deteriorate, and the patient is not able to complete simple daily activities, even do not know where the kitchen and toilet are, even do not recognize the family members.

The pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease is the declining of liver and kidney.

so, the treatment principle of traditional Chinese medicine for Alzheimer's disease:
boost liver function, while minimizing the consumption of kidney essence, replenishing the liver and strengthening the kidney!

just like a gardener who takes care of tree. if leaves of tree seem atrophy, the gardener would not cut the leaves, but he will take care of the root with water and fertilizer.

In the same manner, the Chinese Medicine believe that the liver and kidney is the key for brain function, when we are able to take good care of liver and kidney, the brain function is getting better.

Our proprietary formula of Chinese herbs, which is aim for replenishing liver and kidney, is proven to be able to effectively prevent and improve senile dementia, reverse forgetfulness, and in the same time, reduce urination frequency, improve tinnitus, discomfort of waist and knees, and improve the quality of life!

The only criterion for any medicine is improvement of patient's health.

Medical record 1:

On March 15, 2019, a woman in Guangdong, China, seeking treatment for his husband with Alzheimer's disease via WeChat. The wife introduced history of the patient : 85 years old, height 171 cm, weighing about 50 kg. He was diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease five years ago. At present, the patient is not able to recognize all members of the family except his wife. Although He is basically able to take care of himself, but he is not able to answer questions correctly, and his facial expression is usually sluggish and confused.

He had been suffered from chronic nephritis, thyroid nodules, hepatic cysts, coughing in about ten minutes with green, yellow spit, and frequent nasal congestion. There are five or six times of Nocturnal urination, the stool is not firm, at least three times a day, both feet are slightly swollen.


The most obvious problem is: the old man always wants to urinate during the day, and always not able to finish the urination quickly. He often has to be in the toilet for five or six, or even ten minutes before he is able to finish the urination, usually he has to go to restroom again to urinate in less than five minutes. He said that there is always a sense of urinating, feeling that the urination is not yet completely out.

Due to the severity of the patient's symptoms, Two herbal pouches of Senile Dementia were suggested to apply to the navel and the lower back, respectively, 24 hours/day for 5 days, and changed for new herbal pouches every five days.

The following is the feedback from patient's wife:

On the fifth day of application, the wife corresponded:

"I usually to help him stretch the body everyday, he had to accept the discomfort and mild pain because he was not able get rid of me, but when I was stretching him yesterday, it hurt. he was able to overpower me easily, the obvious fact is that he has more muscle power than before."

On the 10th day of the medication, the wife once again told me:

"My husband offered to wash the dishes tonight, it is rare! But the memory has not been completely improved, and the urinating is faster and better, but it is still longer than normal person."

On the 20th day of the medication, the wife was once again happily told me:

"Hello, my husband's brain is getting a lot more functional.

  1. Now he knows to ask me for pocket money. In the past year, he didn't even have a penny in his pocket, and he didn't even know to ask for money from me. I had been pestered by him for money last night: "I have to have some money in my pocket in case I want to buy something".

  2. Ask him to dry the clothes on the balcony. he also remembers to take back the washing bucket after he finished job, but before the herbal pouch,he was not able to bring the washing bucket back when he did the same chore. Now he knows to take the bucket back and put it in the right place. Thank you, Dr. Wang."

She added: "Alzheimer's disease is indeed a very difficult diseases.

I tried all the available methods,but all didn't work well. Then I searched online for information on Alzheimer's disease every day. I finally found your article about Alzheimer's disease. The principle of the treatment for Senile Dementia your explained convinced me, so I wanted to try out, and the results are really encouraging! Thank you."

I said, "Congratulations! We have achieved big improvement within 3 weeks of applying herbal pouch, It's great! The real joy of the doctor comes from the trust and smile of the patient!"

On May 4, 2019, the second treatment was started. The wife once again reported: "

    1. My husband's nocturia is now significantly reduced.

    2. the urination times during the day is significantly reduced. he is able to finish the   

         urination much quickly;

    3. the memory is a little longer than before. his memory has been increased from less                 than three seconds to more than ten seconds.

    4. In addition, he started to get out of bed early these mornings. but before even he was

         awake in the morning, he did not want to get out of bed until I finished the   

          preparation of breakfast."

On May 5, 2019, the wife responded: "My husband 's foot swelling has disappeared. The nasal congestion is rarely heard, and the stool is better. At least it is no longer make it outside the urinal!"

The records of communication with family members are as follows:














































































On June 9, 2019, the wife reported the following:

  1. my husband can play one game of Chinese chess (the wife hired a Chinese chess teacher to teach her husband to play chess and wants to develop the thinking ability of her husband),

  2. my husband is able to have a sound sleep, and only gets up to urinate once or twice at night !

  3. Help him stretch every day, and his hair changed from all white to gray.

  4. I hired a home helper today. The helper said that my husband is basically able to communicate correctly with him.








































































































On June 11, 2019, the wife reported the following:
"My husband has made another progress today. He was able to fold his own clothes and put them in his own closet."

On June 12, 2019, the wife reported the following:

  1. His facial color is getting better. Today, he has already cleaned all the bowls and pots in the house when I got home from work, just wait for me to cook the dinner. This is also a big improvement.

  2. I have just helped him stretched, and he said, "Thank you for all the treatment. I will accept it with the greatest patience." This is the first time I have ever get
    a thanks from him for more than ten years. I feel that my husband becomes a normal person.


On June 19, 2019, the wife sent a video and told the following:

"my husband can easily turn two balls in different directions with both hands, but before the treatment, he was not able to turn around the two balls in both hands at the same time without dropping the ball frequently, and now he only drops the ball occasionally."
















On October 19, 2019,  after herbal pouch had been stopped for more than 4 monthsThe wife's  feedback is as follows: Now he knows to come back home on time and will help to wash the dishes." 





Alzheimer's disease of this patient has completely reversed and lived a normal happy life in his later years!

Comment 1:
The 85-year-old man had been diagnosed Alzheimer disease for 5 years. After using the herbal pouch for two months (using two pouches at the same time), the memory has been increased from the 3 second to more than 10 seconds, and progressed to able to complete one game of Chinese chess and communicate clearly with people, at same time, his urination time and frequency have been greatly improved, become sleep better, more active and is able to do more house chores correctly.

Another point must be emphasized: This wife takes a very special care for her husband, and has been studying Chinese medicine by herself. She also gives her husband daily stretching, moxibustion, massage, cupping, etc., which lays a good foundation for the prevention of cerebrovascular accidents for her husband. herbal pouch's effectiveness for this elderly partially due to the wife's care.


Medical case 2.
Dementia symptoms of 94-year-olds completely eliminated within 25 days

In August 2018, xxx, female, 94 years old, lived in Jinan City, Shandong Province,China. The daughter recounted her mother's medical history: the right side of the body is not working well due to the stroke, the body is not balanced, even with others' help, she did not dare to walk. has bronchitis for many years, yellow purulent sputum, but not easy to cough out.

Recently, due to the death of her husband, she feels dizzy, cough and phlegm. she was admitted into the intensive care unit of the hospital. After several days of treatment, not only did she not improve, but her appetite decreased significantly. Her mind was unclear and she was not able to recognize her daughters and sons. so the family members decided to get her out of hospital voluntarily. At present, she has to urinate once every hour during the day, the frequency of nocturia is unknown because of using diaper.


The herbal pouch of "Alzheimer disease" and "Stroke Sequelae-Right Side" are recommended to apply to the navel and the lower back at same time.


After using the herbal pouches for 25 days, the patient's daughter told the following: The overall situation of the elderly is greatly improved: the symptoms of dementia disappear, the mind is very clear, and the speaking and expression of her thoughts are normal.


The appetite has increased significantly, and the balance of body has improved a lot. With the support of others, she has been able to walk more than ten steps. During the day, the urination frequency has been reduced from once every hour to once every three hours.


As coughing is weakened, a large amount of yellow spit can be coughed up, and the sputum is thin and the color is light. Although the patient sometimes has fecal incontinence, the family feels that the physical condition of the elderly has improved a lot, and is very happy. Especially the reversal of Alzheimer's symptom surprised them greatly .



























Comment 2:
The 94-year-old lady has only 1-2 months of dementia, and her weight is only 30 kg. After using herbal pouch for one month, she is able to recognize her sons and daughters again and her thinking and language expression is clear and correctly.


With the help of herbal pouch "Alzheimer's Disease", the symptoms of Senile Dementia can be definitely improved, but it is difficult to determine how much can be restored for each patient.


Do you still think that Alzheimer's disease is irreversible?

Can you forward the message to the person who may need?​​​


Dr. Wang Qingcai
Phone: 626-8733666
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Clinic: 605 N. New Ave, #A, Monterey Park, CA 91755, USA


We would like to work together with hospitals and elderly center​​​ to help more patients.

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