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穴位敷药-高血脂/Herb Pouch–High cholesterol
  • 穴位敷药-高血脂/Herb Pouch–High cholesterol

    價格自 $199.00


    适应症: 高胆固醇血症,或伴有头晕、胸闷、胸痛、胸前压缩感, 气短、心慌、乏力,睡眠障碍等。



    疗程: 720 小时/30天/5 袋; 432 小时/18天/3袋(体验包装)


    主要成份:山楂,荷叶, 陈皮,半夏,桃仁,柴胡,黄芩,茵陈等。


    注意事项: 禁止口服,不建议与它药同用,若有不适,迅速止用。


    规格贮藏:80克/袋,14x12厘米;4°C 密封保存,平和到室温后使用。




    Herb Pouch–High cholesterol


    Indications: high blood  cholesterol,  which maybe  accompanied by dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain, chest compression, shortness of breath, palpitation, fatigue, sleep disturbance, etc.


    Direction: Attach pouch to navel for 24 hours/day. 144 hours/ 6 days/pouch .The result is proportional to the duration of application.


    Course: 720 hours/30 days/ 5 pouches; 432 hours/18 days/3 pouches (trial size), 


    Main Ingredients: Hawthorn, lotus leaf, tangerine peel, pinellia, peach kernel, Bupleurum, Scutellaria, Yinchen, etc.


    Warning:  External use only. If any discomfort arises, stop using it immediately,  Do not recommend to use it with other medicines.


    Size and Storage:80g/pouch, 6x4 inches, Store sealed at 4°C, use after balanced well in room temperature.

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