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穴位敷药-高血压/Herbal Pouch --- Hypertension
  • 穴位敷药-高血压/Herbal Pouch --- Hypertension

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    适应症: 血压搞过正常值,可伴有头痛、头晕、注意力不集中,

    肢体麻木、心悸、胸闷、乏力, 咳嗽等。




    疗程: 720 小时/30天/5 袋; 432 小时/18天/3袋(体验包装)




    注意事项: 禁止口服,若如不适,迅速止用, 不建议与它药同用.


    规格贮藏:80克/袋,16x12厘米;4°C 密封保存,平衡到室温后使用。



    Herbal Pouch—Hypertension


    Indications:  High blood pressure, accompanied by headache, dizziness, inattention, limb numbness, palpitation, chest tightness, fatigue, cough, etc..


    Direction: Attach pouch to navel for 24 hours/day. 6 days/144 hours/pouch. mix the pouch often, when the blood pressure drops to normal range and stable, may stop it. 


    Course: 720 hours/30 days/ 5 pouches; 432 hours/18 days/3 pouches (trial size),


    Main Ingredients: Dogwood, Alisma orientalis, Poria, yam, peach kernel, raspberry, panax notoginseng, Eucommia ulmoides.


    Warning:  External use only. If any discomfort arises, stop. Not recommended to use it with other medicines.


    Size and Storage:80g/pouch, 5x4 inches, Store sealed at 4°C, use after balanced well in room temperature.

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