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穴位敷药-调经丹/irregular Menstruation
  • 穴位敷药-调经丹/irregular Menstruation

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                         Chinese Herbal Pouch – Menstruation Normalization

    月经量少,月经提前,延后,淋漓不净,面斑, 经前乳胀,宫寒痛经,带下,卵巢早衰,性冷淡, 不孕。(带避孕环或孕妇慎用)。*
    Irregular menstruation, too much or too litter , early or delayed menstruation, infertility. (prohibition for people who are with contraceptive ring or pregnant). *

    Attach to navel for 12-24 hours daily, 5 days per pouch.  Extra benefit: boil in water 3 times
    per pouch,  foot-bathing before sleep.    

    主要成份/Main Ingredients:
    Ejiao, Bupleurum, Guizhi, Angelica, Codonopsis, Radix, Chuan dome, Licorice, Ginger. **

    普通疗程:3 袋药/15 天/360 小时

    Course: 3 pouches/15 days/360 hours


    药效疗程/Time Course:
    5天效验,  15-25天较大改善。因个体差异,效果体验不同。
    Effective in 5 days; there is greater improvement in 15-25 days . Individual responses may vary.

    禁止口服。若有痒疹, 敷小腹;如感不适, 迅速止用。勿与它药同用。
    External use only. If irritation occurs, attach on lower abdomen. If any discomfort arises, stop using immediately. Do not use it along with other medicine.

    规格贮藏/Size and Storage:  
    100克/袋,15x13厘米;4°C 冷藏密封保存,置室温12小时后使用。
    100g/pouch, 6x5.5 inches, Store sealed at 4°C, use after balanced in room temperature.  

    *   This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.
    ** The above statements have not been evaluated by FDA. No prior notice if ingredients change

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