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穴位敷药--- 崩漏/Herbal Pouch ---Uterine Bleeding
  • 穴位敷药--- 崩漏/Herbal Pouch ---Uterine Bleeding

    價格自 $199.00

    适应症: 月经的周期、经期、经量发生严重失常的病证,其发病急骤,暴下如注,大量出血者为崩;病势缓,出血量少,淋漓不绝者为漏 。




    疗程:疗程: 720 小时/30天/5 袋; 432 小时/18天/3袋(体验包装)


    主要成份: 阿胶,柴胡,桂枝,当归,党参,麦冬,川穹,干姜等。


    注意事项: 带避孕环慎用, 禁止口服,毋与它药同用。若不适,停用。


    规格贮藏:80克/袋,15x12厘米;4°C 密封保存,置室温4小时后使用。




    Herbal Pouch-Uterine Bleeding


    Indications:  Menstrual cycle, menstrual period, and menstrual flow are seriously abnormal. If the onset is sudden, violent, and a large amount of bleeding is called collapse;.


    Direction: Attach pouch to navel for 12-24 hours daily, 144 hours/6 days/pouch. The result is proportional to the time of application. boil used pouch 3 times for foot-bathing.


    Course: 720 hours/30 days/ 5 pouches; 432 hours/18 days/3 pouches (trial size),


    Main Ingredients: Ejiao, Bupleurum, Guizhi, Angelica, Codonopsis, Ophiopogon, japonicus, Rhizome, Chuanxiong, Ginger etc.


    Warning:  External use only. Not recommended to use it with other medicines. If discomfort arises, stop。May cause pain for women with contraceptive device.


    Size and Storage:80g/pouch, 6x5.5 inches, Store sealed at 4°C, use after balanced for 4 hours in room temperature.

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