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穴位敷药-健脾丹/Jianpi Dan
  • 穴位敷药-健脾丹/Jianpi Dan

    價格自 $199.00


    适应症: 食欲下降,呕吐,非常疲倦,嗜睡,便溏。




    疗程: 720 小时/30天/5 袋; 432 小时/18天/3袋(体验包装).

    注意事项:    仅供外敷使用,禁止口服。勿与其它药物同时使用。如有任何
                       特殊不适,必须迅速停止使用。药袋会有中药气 味。

    不良反应:少数个体局部皮肤可能会出现红疹和瘙痒, 可暂敷关元或肾俞穴;

     主要成份: 五味子,黄芪,柏子仁,夜交藤,远志,薯蓣,茯神等。**

     规格贮藏: 密封保存4°C 冷藏冰箱, 平衡于室温12小时后方能使用。

     备        注:   *本产品不打算诊断,治疗,治愈或预防任何疾病。     
                        **没经过美国食品和药品管理局验证, 如有变更,恕不通知。





    Herbal Pouch– Jianpi Lizhong Dan


    Indications: Decreased appetite, lower abdominal discomfort, easily  tired, loose stools, cold limbs, drowsiness.


    Direction: Attach pouch to navel for 12-24 hours daily, 144 hours/6 days/pouch. The result is proportional to the time of application. 


    Course: 720 hours/30 days/ 5 pouches; 432 hours/18 days/3 pouches (trial size).


    Main Ingredients: Codonopsis, Ginger, Baked Licorice, Atractylodes, Bupleurum, White cardamom, windproof , etc.


    Warning:  External use only. Not recommended to use it with other medicines.If any discomfort arises, stop using it immediately.


    Size and Storage:80g/pouch, 6x5.5 inches, Store sealed at 4°C, use after balanced for 4 hours in room temperature.

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